Value, Culture and Ethics (VCE)

                The Value, Culture and Ethics (VCE) Research Group) has been established in 2009 in conjunction to the establishment of research group in UTM. The interest area of VCE is on issues that contribute to the development of empirical and theoretical knowledge within the field of value, culture and ethics. Our aim is develop investigation of the relation between norms and values, the transgression of norms and the ways these are sanctioned.

Group Members

  1. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Abdul Latiff Mohd. Ibrahim (Head);
  2. Mr.Wan Ali Wan Jusoh;
  3. Ms/Mdm.Zaharah bt. Mustaffa;
  4. Mr.Muhammad Fathi b. Yusof;
  5. Dr.Farzana Quoquab binte Habib;



Contact Us :

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