Engineering Education Research Group(EE)

The Engineering Education Research Group (EE) is involved in rigorous research on all elements of the engineering education system in particular studies related to engineering epistemologies, engineering learning mechanisms, engineering learning systems, engineering diversity and inclusiveness and engineering assessment. Innovative ideas and findings would enhance the quality and effectiveness of engineering education in the 21st Century. More importantly, the research would enable engineering education to meet the demands and challenges, specifically the needs of stakeholders including employers, educators, students and society.

Group Members

  1. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Yudariah Mohammad Yusof (Head);
  2. Dato. Prof.Dr.Zainai b. Mohamed;
  3. Prof.Dr.Muhammad Hisyam Lee;
  4. Dr.Muhammad Sukri Saud;
  5. Dr.Roselainy binti Abdul Rahman;
  6. Dr.Rohana Hamzah;
  7. Dr.Hamidreza Kashef;
  8. Dr.Habibah@Norehan Hj Haron;
  9. Dr.Noor Hamizah bt Hussain;
  10. Dr.Kamilah binti Radin Salim; 
  11. Dr.Normah binti Mulop;
  12. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Morina binti Abdullah;



Contact Us :

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