Commercialization & Technology Management (CTMG)

As a multidisciplinary unit, Commercialization & Technology Management Research Group (CTMG) is committed to conduct studies and training programmes in the areas of commercialization and spin-offs, technology management, university and industry linkages, assessing intellectual capital and organizational performance and Internal Audit, Supply Change Management and Knowledge Management, and Employee Competencies. Since 2009, CTMG has conducted various training programs for the Malaysian Technology Development Corporation and its grant recipients as well as assisted in the implementation of the UTM-MTDC, Symbiosis project which aims to create 10 UTM spin-off companies.

Previous Research Projects

  1. Consultancy services for marketing and management research at Blueocean Seafood Sdn Bhd
  2. A tracer study on the UTM-MTDC symbiosis project (RM10,000.00 through RMC)
  3. Feasibility study on vermiculture based aquafeed (RM15,000.00 through BIP)
  4. Financial Management Training for MTDC (RM40,000.00 through SPACE)
  5. Teambuilding session for Malaysian Agri Hi-Tech Sdn Bhd (RM10,000 through SPACE)

Group Members

1  Prof.Dr.  Amran b. Md. Rasli CTMG  CV Click Here
2  Prof.Dr.  Nooh b. Abu Bakar CTMG  CV Click Here
3  Dr.  Md. Razib b. Arshad CTMG  CV Click Here
4  Dr.  Norhalimah bt. Idris CTMG  CV Click Here
5  Assoc.Prof.Dr.  Saudah bt Sofian CTMG  CV Click Here
6  Assoc.Prof.Dr.  Nur Naha Abu Mansor CTMG  CV Click Here
7  Dr.  Abu Saim Md. Shahabuddin CTMG  CV Click Here
8  Dr.  Choi Sang Long CTMG  CV Click Here
9  Dr.  Saif-ur-Rahman Khan CTMG  CV Click Here
10  Dr.  Sayyed Mahdi Ziaei CTMG  CV Click Here
11  Ms/Mdm  Norliza bt. Mohd. Salleh CTMG  CV Click Here
12  Ms/Mdm  Dayana Syuhana Sejeli CTMG  CV Click Here
13  Ms/Mdm  Low Hock Heng CTMG  CV Click Here
14  Dr.  Tan Owee Kowang CTMG  CV Click Here
15  Dr.  Roya Anvari CTMG  CV Click Here
16  Dr.  Mohd Effandi bin Yusoff CTMG  CV Click Here
17  Ms/Mdm  Lekha Laxman CTMG  CV Click Here
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Updated: 07/01/2014