Communication, Culture and Internationalization(CCI)

The ability to communicate has been identified out as one of 7 attributes in the Malaysian higher education graduate. How the universities propose to produce effective communicators forms the focus of this group’s research. We are interested in addressing issues related to communication problems, demands, needs and aspirations of the learners (both local and international), the educators (local and international) and the support staff; understanding problems of cross cultural communication; identifying strategies that work; identifying strategies for the creation of a conducive learning environment; and meeting the challenges of local and global workplace demands amid changing language policies.

Group Members

  1. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Marlia bt. Puteh (Head);
  2. Prof.Dr.Anie bt. Attan;
  3. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Khairi Obaid Al-Zubaidi;
  4. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nor Mawati bt. Mohd Shariff;
  5. Dr.Amerrudin Abd. Manan;
  6. Dr.Nor Liza binti Haji Ali;
  7. Dr.Sarimah bt. Shamsudin;
  8. Dr.Zuhana bt. Mohd Zin;
  9. Mr.Harmi Izzuan bin Baharum;
  10. Mdm.Khairuzilah bt. Khalil;
  11. Mdm.Krishnavenee Suppiah;
  12. Ms/Mdm Low Lai Har;
  13. Mdm.Norazmah Suhailah bt. Abd Malek;
  14. Mr.Noh Muhamad Adlan b. Mohd Noh;
  15. Mr.Mohd. Nasir b. Mahmood;
  16. Mdm.Nurhasmiza bt. Abu Hasan Sazalli;
  17. Mdm.Ramona bt. Abd Rahim;
  18. Mdm.Rosyatimah binti Yasin;
  19. Mdm.Rosmah bt Ramlan;
  20. Ms.Salwati bt. Saad;
  21. Mdm.Seriaznita bt. Hj. Mat Said;
  22. Ms./Mdm Wan Nur Asyura binti Wan Adnan;
  23. Mdm.Wan Farah Wani binti Wan Fakhruddin;
  24. Mdm.Zaiton binti Ismail;



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