Advanced Microprocessor Research (AMIR)

The Advanced Microprocessor Research (AMIR) group was formed to promote the fundamental and applied research related to microprocessors and to become a focal point for Research & Development activities for technologies based on advanced microprocessors. Our group focuses on two main activities, namely, the applications of microprocessors in embedded and general purpose computing, and the development of technologies towards the realization of a new national microprocessor.  We also provide technical supports and advice for industries and other engineering fields on the application of microprocessors in their products.

Group Member

1  Assoc.Prof.Dr.  Muhammad Nasir bin Ibrahim AMIR  CV Click Here
2  Assoc.Prof.Dr.  Sulaiman bin Mohd Nor AMIR  CV Click Here
3  Mr.  Zuraimi bin Yahya AMIR  CV Click Here
4  Mr.  Johari bin Kasim AMIR  CV Click Here
5  Mrs.  Norhafizah binti Ramli AMIR  CV Click Here


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Updated: 07/01/2013