Welcome to Educational Human Growth and Development Research Group

EGHD has been established in 2009 as one research group in the Faculty of Education. The focus of EGHD group is to investigate diverse themes in the advancement of educational practices for human development, thus the name, educational growth for human development.  All aspects related to the expansion and progress that lead to a better living and civilization of human being due to the process education will be an area of concern for the study group.  These include amongst others, the topic on education as an effective tool within the occurrence of patriotism, diversity and multiculturalism, economics, social and psychological issues, values, maturity and physiological growth, skills, emotional and thinking development.  The main aim is to increase the body of knowledge in that area, use that for developing the progress of our nation (1Malaysian concept) and the advance the expertise in that field. Education can be defined as change in behaviour and thinking due to giving and receiving experiences. The group is intent on  undertaking research and investigation on changes due to or lead by education that can direct to an improvement in human life.

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