Activities 2014

Here are some activities organized and involved by our researchers in year 2014

1. Educational Technology, Tea Gathering

Tea gathering or meet-up sessions held every semester are often held as an introductory session between students and lecturers at the Science, Mathematical and Creative Multimedia Department (JPSMMK). This introductory session helps students to meet their colleagues and helps students to know the lecturers and expertise areas of each lecturer, especially the JPSMMK lecturers.


2. Educational Technology Expo (EduTePX 2014)

2014 is the first year of EduTePX organized by the Department of Science, Mathematical and Creative Multimedia Education (JPSMMK). EduTePX provides PhD students with opportunities to present their research progress to the public. Each result of the presentation of the student through the poster will be evaluated by the jury comprising the lecturer of JPSMK department. In addition, students can exchange views and get input from senior colleagues and experienced lecturers.

3. Kem Spirit of Togetherness, Mersing

For the first time, the Department of Science Education, Mathematics and Creative Multimedia (JPSMMK) helds a program called Spirit of Togetherness and Relaxing Academic Camp 2014. The camp aims to bring lecturers and PhD students from JPSMMK to get out of academic routines and conduct activities relaxed but full of knowledge at Teluk Gorek Chalet & Camp Resort, Mersing, Johor. The camp successfully exposed students about the true meaning of a journey as a Postgraduate student. Mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental preparedness and resilience is emphasized throughout the program by facilitators comprising lecturers. Among the activities carried out are Mount Arong Climbing which is able to test students’ physical and mental resilience. This activity can also be illustrated with the preparation of students in the face of various challenges throughout the duration of the study so as not to be easily discouraged and always positive thinking in facing challenges.


The Faculty of Education organized the 1st International Education Postgraduate Seminar for the first time at KSL Resort, Johor Bahru on 23 and 24 November 2014. This seminar is a continuation of the success of a series of seminars organized by the Faculty of Education, EduPres (Education Postgraduate Research Seminar).