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1st International Conference on Educational Studies (ICES 2015)


The development of education at national and international level has sparked the idea to educators and academia to find solutions to educational issues and problems in the 21st century. Based on educational development index (EDI), countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia are in the category of mid-level EDI countries, while other countries such as Singapore and Brunei Darussalam are at higher stage. In other words, the quality of education remains a problem in the countries at the middle level. Therefore, this conference is an effort to expand educational access and sustainability in terms of geography and economic development, improve the quality and relevance of education, and strengthen governance and accountability of education services to accelerate the achievement of universal primary education by 2015.

“1st International Conference on Educational Studies (ICES, 2015)” is an attempt to examine the impact of culture, by applying the findings of research results within and outside the country, study the teaching and learning process to ensure quality education. It is also in line with the efforts to strengthen the quality of education in order to face globalization towards the development of human capital and territorial integrity of the nation.

Conference Objectives
  • Establishing relationships and joint research projects in the field of education.
  • Provide a platform for researchers to present and publish their latest research findings
  • To disseminate information on the latest developments educational studies.
  • To provide opportunities for researchers to share and exchange ideas, experiences and resources in research
Sub Themes
  1. Educational Policies and Issues
  2. Educational Psychology, Special Education and Applied Psychology
  3. Social and Cultural Psychology
  4. Applied and Multi-Cultural Counseling
  5. Testing, Measurement and Assessment in education
  6. Lifelong learning
  7. Industrial relations with education
  8. Globalization in education
  9. Sustainability in Education
  10. Direction of Education in the Future
  11. Ethnicity, Culture & Psycho-linguistic
  12. Education & Development
  13. ICT in Education
  14. Others
Publication Opportunity

All submitted conference papers will be blind peer reviewed. About 80% full papers will be published in SCOPUS Index Journal and rest 20% will be published in book.

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12th International Conference ASIALICS 2015

Conference Objectives

ASIALICS aim to explore and develop the concept of learning. Innovation and competence building as an analytical framework. The objective of ASIALICS is to stimulate the establishment of knowledge based strategies or economic development in Asia. The idea is to bring together interesting issues about what is going on in Asian countries and companies and to share experiences regarding methodology, analytical results and policies.

Conference Theme and Subthemes

Theme: “Innovation Driven Natural Resource Based Industry”
Sub themes:
1. Sectoral Innovation System (marine industry, forest industry, agri-industry, herbal medicine and functional food industry, mining, petroleum and mineral industry)
2. Innovation and Job Creation in Natural Resource Based Industry
3. S&T Resource Mobility and International Research Collaboration in Natural Resource Based Industry
4. Incentive System to Promote Innovation Driven Natural Resource Based Industry (fiscal, financial, and other facilities)
5. Managing Innovation: Putting Science into Practices, Bridging Science and Policy in Natural Resource Based Industry
6. Research and Higher Education Policy to Promote Life Sciences
7. Bio-based Technological Convergence (BioInformatics, BioMedicine, BioTechnology, BioEntrepreneurship, BioNanotechnology, Biomaterials, etc)
8. Creative Enterprises, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Capacity in Natural Resource Based Industry
9. Innovation policy to foster green natural resource based industry (biobased chemicals, green chemistry, green energy technology, renewable energy, etc.)

Paper Submission, Review, and Acceptance

Significant and original (unpublished) submissions are solicited. The papers will be peer reviewed and upon acceptance, authors are requested to submit their final version (if requested). Papers should not exceed 8,000 words and should include an abstract of 100-150 words. For the paper submission guidelines, please see the conference website. The accepted papers will be opened at the conference website ( Selected papers will be published in Asian Journal of Technology Innovation and other related journals after a peer review process.

Associated Journals

1. Asian Journal of Technology Innovation (AJTI);
2. Science, Technology and Society (STS);
3. National Journal (e.g S&T Policy and Management Journal Pappiptek LIPI)


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13th International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools, and Techniques (SOMET 14)

The 13th International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools, and Techniques (SOMET_14) will take place on September 22 – 24, 2014, in Malaysia. 
This event is a continuation of an existing series of SOMET.

This conference series highlights and reflects the state-of-art and new trends on software methodologies, tools and techniques.

SoMeT appears in Rank B at Computer Science Conference Ranking 2010

SoMeT is in Class B at Ranked Conference List.

SOMET History

You are invited to participate in SOMET_14 to help build a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences to foster new directions in software development methodologies and related tools and techniques.

This conference is focused on exploring innovations, controversies, and challenges facing the Software Engineering community today. The conference brings together theory and experience to propose and evaluate solutions to Software Engineering problems. The conference also provides a forum and an opportunity to assess the current state-of-the-art in intelligent Software techniques and to chart software science initiated from experience to theory. This workshop is an opportunity for us in the software science community to think about where we are and today and where we are going.


Important Date


Full paper submission : April 1, 2014
Notification deadline : May 15, 2014
Camera Ready Submission : June 15, 2014

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International Symposium on Biometric and Security Technologies (ISBAST’14)

IASRG K-Economy Research Alliance  and Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia and Management and Science Universiti are pleased to announce the International Symposium on Biometric and  Security Technologies (ISBAST’14) to be held on 26th – 27th  August 2014 at the Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The selected accepted full papers will be published in IEEExplore.

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The 7th Malaysian Software Engineering Conference (MySEC 2013)

Nov. 20, 2013. The 7th Malaysian Software Engineering Conference (MySEC 2013) has successfully been organized by members of Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) of K-Economy Research Alliance (RAKE) and Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The head of SERG, Assoc. Prof. Dr Shahida Sulaiman has been the Chair of MySEC 2013.

The speakers from industries and academia included Mr John Sullivan who is the Business Division Product Delivery Manager of MYOB Australia, Mr Matthew Khaw, the Partner Business Strategist of Microsoft Malaysia and Assoc. Prof. Dr Rusli Abdullah, an associate professor of Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

MySEC 2013 was officiated by Prof. Dr. Ali Selamat, Dean of RAKE, UTM. The organizing committee of MySEC 2013 has successfully organized the event that converged researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to advance the state-of-the-art of software engineering research and practice in Malaysia. RAKE has been supporting the event that provided numerous opportunities for academic and industry delegates to collaborate and learn from each other.

Besides MySEC 2013 that was organised on 20th and 21st November 2013, there were two co-located events on 19 November 2013 that were Agile Symposium and the 4th Software Engineering Postgraduates Workshop (SEPoW 2013). As software development is known for its fast delivery, Agile has been one of the frontiers in software process model and approach. Hence, it is timely to have such symposium among MySEC delegates. In addition, the 4th SEPoW that was organized by Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) provided a good platform among our software engineering postgraduates to receive feedback from the appointed software engineering experts in Malaysia.

Malaysian Software Engineering Interest Group (MySEIG) was established in 2005. MySEIG has been supporting both series of MySEC and SEPoW events until today.

MySEIG consists of academicians, researchers, and practitioners around the world and mainly in Malaysia. Such collaboration among universities and industries in Malaysia is encouraging and should be sustained in order to strengthen software engineering research and practice in Malaysia and to keep abreast with the state-of-the-art in the related fields.

Thus, the theme of MySEC 2013 that is “Software in the Cloud: The Way Forward” highlights the need to develop software towards cloud computing technology. As cloud has become in demand through its various services, it influences the way software engineers work. Phases in software development and maintenance mainly in testing have evolved greatly in tandem with cloud computing technology. In short, researchers and practitioners should be aware of the needs in the rapid growth of software technology.

Indeed MySEC 2013 was a great avenue for fruitful interactions and discussion among academics, researchers, and practitioners in sharing their expertise in related issues in software engineering besides discussing the way forward related to cloud computing.

Forty-four papers were selected to be presented and to be further extended to three respective journals that were International Journal of Innovative Computing (IJIC), International Journal of Software Engineering, and Technology (IJSET) and International Journal of Advances in Soft Computing and Its Application (IJASCA). One of the journals that is IJASCA, is SCOPUS indexed. This initiative will inculcate the need of extending software engineering work that is not only presented in a conference but also published in a related journal. On the other hand, MySEIG is working strategically to receive a continuous support from IEEE Malaysia Section mainly in IEEE publication for future MySEC.

The local organizing committee of SERG UTM would like to acknowledge all the parties involved in ensuring the success of the 7th MySEC 2013.



Organizers, keynote speakers, and delegates of MySEC 2013 having a group photo with the dean of RAKE, Prof. Dr Ali Selamat


The Dean of RAKE, Prof. Dr. Ali Selamat is officiating the 7th Malaysian Software Engineering Conference (MySEC 2013)


Among the presenters and participants of MySEC 2013

Research Collaboration Discussion with Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Details :

Date : 8th August 2013

Venue : Main Meeting Room, Sultan Ibrahim Chancellory Building, UTM Skudai.



1. This discussion initial by Research Group, ISSI and SERG  under K-Economy Research Alliance.

2. To find the possible research collaboration with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with UTM

2. Futher discussion on capacity building research.

Congratulations to the winners of INATEX2013 from K-Economy RA

Dear Researcher,

K-Economy Research Alliance Management,  would like to congratulate the members that win the medals in INATEX 2013.

We have won 11 medals from 15 products (73% success).
We hope that next year, there will be more participants from K-Economy RA.
5 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Shahrizal Bin Sunar FCOM K-Economy Realistic Outdoor Augmented Reality Application (ROARA) Best Invention Award Category C


62 Prof. Dr. Abdul Hanan Bin Abdullah FCOM K-Economy Tsunami Early Warning System Using Wireless Sensor Networks Gold
65 Dr. Dayang Hajah Tiawa Bte Awang Hj Hamid FP K-Economy Badminton Agility Training And Testing Device (BATTD) Bronze
66 Dr. Faizah Bte Abd. Ghani FP K-Economy Smart Life Of Single Mother System: A New Interactive Portal Silver
67 Dr. Faizah Bte Abd. Ghani FP K-Economy The Sixth Secret: Searching For Self Success Bronze
68 Dr. Mohd Nazri Bin Kama AIS K-Economy Malaysia Electric Vehicle Charging Network Infrastructure Gold
69 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Shafry Bin Mohd Rahim FCOM K-Economy An Intelligent Bone Detection And Segmentation System For Medical Application Bronze
71 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Shahrizal Bin Sunar FCOM K-Economy Motionchange Gold
72 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Shahrizal Bin Sunar FCOM K-Economy Realistic Outdoor Augmented Reality Application (ROARA) Gold
73 Dr. Pawel Boguslawski FGHT K-Economy Rapid Data Acquisition And 3D Model Reconstruction In Indoor Environment Bronze
76 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainal Abidin B Zainuddin FP K-Economy Cekap: Fundamental Movement Assessment Battery For Normal And Special Children Bronze





KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Julai 2013: – Satu majlis penyerahan dokumen perjanjian persefahaman (MoU) antara UTM dan United Nations University International Institute For Global Health (UNU-IIGH) telah diadakan di Bilik Mesyuarat Canseleri, Menara Razak, UTM Kuala Lumpur.

Majlis telah dihadiri oleh Prof. Dr. Ali bin Selamat, Dekan K-Economy Research Alliance UTM mewakili Y. Berbahagia Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Azraai bin Kassim, Pemangku Naib Canselor UTM; Y. Berbahagia Prof. Dato’ Syed Mohamed Aljunid, Felo Penyelidik Kanan / Pemangku Pengarah UNU-IIGH); Prof. Dr. Eko Supriyanto, Pengarah, Pusat Kecemerlangan Kejuruteraan Kardiovaskular UTM-IJN, penyelidik – penyelidik UTM dan UNU-IIGH.

Matlamat utama perjanjian persefahaman ini adalah untuk mewujudkan kerjasama dalam bidang berkaitan kelestarian kesihatan global, penyelidikan dan pembangunan sistem Case Mix (sistem pengukuran prestasi hospital untuk meningkatkan kecekapan perkhidmatan di hospital dan juga bertindak sebagai sistem maklumat yang membenarkan pembuat polisi memahami dasar dan kerumitan perkhidmatan penjagaan kesihatan) dan Clinical Pathway (garis panduan pengurusan pelbagai disiplin perubatan) serta pembangunan perisian keselamatan informatik penjagaan kesihatan.

Melalui MoU ini juga, kedua – dua pihak akan bekerjasama untuk membangunkan dan melaksanakan program pasca siswazah dalam bidang kesihatan awam dan pengurusan penjagaan kesihatan di Malaysia, khususnya dan di peringkat antarabangsa amnya.

MoU ini juga menunjukkan kesungguhan semua pihak di dalam menyokong usaha kerajaan dalam membina Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara maju pada tahun 2020,  melalui perancangan pengurusan yang strategik dan sistematik dalam menangani isu-isu yang berkaitan dengan teknologi penjagaan kesihatan yang lestari.

Pihak UTM  berharap dengan termeterai MoU ini, ia akan menjadi titik mula ke arah pelbagai usahasama lain pada masa hadapan di dalam perkongsian kepakaran khususnya untuk melonjak lagi aktiviti penyelidikan di negara ini. Ia juga akan meningkatkan lagi tahap ilmu dan kemahiran pelbagai pihak yang terlibat dan amat yakin bahawa usaha ini akan menempatkan universiti ini ke tahap yang lebih tinggi di persada dunia.