• Creating animation. Brief information of creating animation in Adobe Flash. Consist of 11 video tutorials. Provides interactive hands-on activities on introducing creating animation tools and techniques.
  • Application of Interaction. Brief information on types of application of interaction in Adobe Flash. Consist of 4 video tutorials of different types of interactive applications that can develop with Flash. Provides interactive hands-on activities.
  • Introduction of Flash. Brief information about basic concepts, Adobe Flash tools and its functions. It also consists of 2 interactive examples of Adobe Flash applications.
  • Drawing in Flash. Consists of brief information of drawing tools in Adobe Flash. It also consists of 15 video tutorials of different techniques of drawing with Adobe Flash. Provides a drawing tool application that mirror Adobe Flash interface.


Name: Prof. Dr. Zaidatun Tasir

Faculty: Faculty of Education

Research Group: CITE

Email: p-zaida@utm.my